You can create meetings right from your My Dashboard. To do this, go to “My Dashboard” and find “Meetings” within the Communication Section.

Here, you’ll find a tab that displays all your meetings.

There are three tabs are available:

  • Upcoming Meetings: You’ll see the upcoming meeting list here.These meetings can be edited, started, or deleted anytime by meeting creator. You just have to hover the particular meeting.

  • Past Meetings: Click on this tab to view the past meetings.
  • Create New Meeting: Click this tab to create a new meeting

Create a new meeting

Press the “Create New Meeting” button. When you do, a fresh form will appear. Complete this form by providing all the required information to create a new meeting.

  • Meeting Title: Enter the Meeting Title here.
  • Description: Fill the description of the meeting.
  • Password: Enter the password of your meeting.
  • Start date/Time: Set the meeting Start date and time.
  • Duration: Set the duration of the Meeting.
  • Timezone: Choose your preferred time zone.
  • meeting Options: It. is further divided into multiple options:
    • Toggle this to enable waiting room
    • Toggle this to Join before hot.
    • Toggle this to. Start only when host joins.
    • Toggle this to enable participants video.
    • Toggle this to mute the participants upon entry.
  • Auto Recording: Select the recording in between Local and Cloud.

Trouble in Creating Meeting

If As an instructor, you are viewing the below notice upon creation of a new meeting.  This means you haven’t filled the zoom Credentials.

Navigate to Your Account Section. and Clock the Zoom with in the Settings tab and fill the credentials here.

Update on November 24, 2023