How to filter out the students details, enrolled in a particular group?

Learndash Dashboard provides a group filter based on that student’s graph can be viewed.

For example:

  • We have 2 groups, GroupA & GroupB
  • GroupA  has  two students, StudentA & StudentA1
  • GroupB  has  two students StudentB & StudentB1
  • You have to view Student B1’s Graph

What you’ve to do is simply:

  • Navigate to My Dashboard Page
  • Scroll down to the Student details section
  • Select GroupB From the group drown
  • Based on the select group, students will be got listed in the students dropdown
  • Select StudentB1
  • and you’ll see the particular graph

View the below image:


  • Group leaders will have this filter on my dashboard page; if he has an active group and users are assigned/enrolled in that group.
  • Instructors will have this filter on my dashboard page if any of their courses are assigned to any of the groups.

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Update on May 25, 2022