How Email Integration works in LearnDash Dashboard?

As we know that all instructors want to send a notice or any update to their students in bulk, keeping this feature in mind, LearnDash DashBoard provides LearnDash Email Integration which allows the following user roles to send emails to their students :

  1. Site Admin: Site Admin has the authority to send the email to all students registered on his site.
  2. Instructor: Instructors can send emails to the students that are enrolled in their courses, or we can say that course-specific students will show for an instructor to send the email instructor.
  3. Group Leader: A Group Leader can send the email to the students that are associated with the group that belongs to him.

        • Select Course: Select the course from the dropdown.
        • Select Students: Based upon the course selection, Select the students. You can select multiple students at a time.
        • Email Subject: Enter the Email subject here.
        • Mail Body: Write your detailed message here with the help of the Text Editor.

Note: No Instructors or group leaders can be able to send the email to the students that are enrolled in those courses which are not created by them or are not assigned as course authors in that particular course.

See how to assign the co-author to a course HERE.


Update on May 25, 2022