How LearnDash Dashboard BuddyPress Group Integration works

Learndash Dashboard provides a feature of BuddyPress Group integration into your site. This feature helps to increase the engagement between the students and instructors. This feature also helps to solve course-related problems. It works in the following manner.

  1. Admin or instructor will assign a BuddyPress group to the course.
  2. When the group is attached to a course, All previously joined members will be removed from the group.
  3. Enable/Disable to list students’ learning activities on the group page.
  4. As soon as a student is enrolled in the course, He will join the attached group automatically.
  5. He can see all group-related activities from now.
  6. Student can post their problems there on the group Walls that can be solved by other group members.
  7. Student can also list their learning Activities in groups. If he wants otherwise, he can disable this.
  8. Admin will sync the BuddyPress group from LearnDash DashBoard’s backend settings If joined member’s list is not showing on the front end.
LearnDash BuddyPress Group Integration
Assign BuddyPress Group to LearnDash Course.


Enable learning BuddyPress Activities from the LearnDash Course backend.


LearnDash BuddyPress Group Integration
Enable learning activities from BP Profile.
Update on May 25, 2022