Instructor View

 My Dashboard tab shows the following options:

Statistics Cards

The upper section of the Dashboard shows statics of the following data:

        • Number of courses
        • Number of Quizzes
        • Number of assignments completed/pending
        • Number of Lessons
        • Number of topics
        • Number of students
        • Number of enrolled courses
        • Number of active courses
        • Number of completed courses
        • Total Earning

Most popular courses

This section displays the popular courses created by the instructor

Course Completion Graph

This section displays the graph of course completion rate. You can see the data of all the courses at once or by selecting the individual course.

Student Details

This section displays student-wise information in the following way. A student dropdown is given there; on selecting which following pie graphs will be displayed :

  • Course Progress: Selected students all course progress in which he is enrolled. These courses are logged-in instructors. This data shows in the following values:
    • Courses: Not Started in Percentage
    • Courses: In Progress in Percentage
    • Courses: Completed in percentage
  • Assignment Progress: The assignment progress pie chart will show related courses in which a student is enrolled.
    • Assignment: Approved in percentage
    • Assignment: Unapproved in percentage
    • Assignment: Pending in percentage
  • Quiz Progress: Quiz progress pie chart will show related courses in which a student is enrolled.
    • Quiz: Completed Quiz in percentage
    • Quiz: Uncompleted Quiz in percentage
  • The courses progress bar section is also there, which shows courses progress for selected students, which can be exported in CSV format with one click of the Export CSV  button.
Update on November 10, 2023