A widget adds content and features to a widget area (also called a sidebar). Widget areas provide a way for users to customize their site. A widget area can appear on multiple pages or on only one page. Your theme might have just one widget area or many of them.

You can configure the Widgets via Appearance > Customize > Widgets menu and see your changes in the live preview of the Customizer.

Available Sidebar options will be given on your Widgets screen.

Adding a Widget

  • Select any sidebar or Widget area to open it.
  • Click the Add a widget at the bottom of the Widget Areas to open the list of available widgets.
  • Search or find the block you want to add and click to select the block. The block is added to the widget area.
  • Preview your site, and you should see the new block in your Widget area.

Configuring the Widgets

You can reorder or rearrange the widget by clicking and holding the widget in the Block toolbar and dragging the Widget blocks.

Update on May 25, 2022