Activity and Post Resharing

Post and activities resharing is an important feature of the Buddyx Pro theme. It provides a plugin bundled with the theme named BuddyPress Activity Social Share pro.

You can find the settings of the plugin by navigating to the WB Plugins > BuddyPress Share.

General Settings

This tab will have the following options:

  • Show Social Services: Enable this option to show the share button in the activity page more options.
  • Add Social Services: This section allows you to add social services.
  • Extra Options: Default is set to open window in the popup. If this option is disabled, then services open in a new tab instead popup.

Share Settings

This section is responsible for the appearance of the post button.

  • Button Background Color: Set the background color of the post button.
  • Button Text Color: Set the text color of the Post Button.
  • Button Hover Background Color: Set the hover background color of the post button.
  • Button Hover Text Color: Set the hover text color of the post button.
  • Disable Post Share Activity: CBy Default, Post-Resharingis enabled. Check this option to disable the feature.
  • Reshare share Activity: Reshare the shared activity.

You can also use [bp_activity_post_reshare]shortcode in which post type you want to reshare in activity. Add the below code in the functions.php file of your theme. And then use the shortcode in the particular post type.

Update on June 19, 2023