Groovy Menu

Buddyx Pro provides an easy and handy way to create a vertical menu for your website.
To include a vertical menu in the theme Groovy Menu plugin is bundled in the theme.

To install and activate the plugin navigate to Appearance >> Install plugins, and Install the Groovy menu Plugin listed there.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, it’s time to enable the integration. For this, navigate to Groovy Menu >> Integration and enable the automatic integration.

After this, you have to set the vertical menu by navigating to Appearance >> Menu.

You can use an existing menu or can create a new one. Just create the menu and set the position to ‘Groovy Menu Primary.’

To display a vertical menu, you have to create a preset.

Navigate to the Groovy menu >>  Dashboard. You’ll see that we have already created a preset for you.

Click on the Preset and manage the setting of your Vertical Menu.

For Example:

  • Type of the menu
  • Show/Hide Logo
  • Menu Ui
  • Sub Menu
  • Mega Menu
Update on May 25, 2022