BuddyX Meta Settings

Page meta settings are BuddyX Settings that appear on all individual pages and posts. Namely, these are page-specific settings that give you more control over individual page/post design. Further, you can override some global customizer settings for a particular page/post with these settings.

You can open the Settings panel by clicking on the Settings icon in the Block editor toolbar on top:

Next, when you click on the Setting icon, the sidebar panel will open on the right side. Search for the Template box. Here, you will see the following BuddyX related extra  page template in the dropdown:

  • Page No Sidebar
  • Page Full Screen
  • Page Both Sidebar
  • Page Left Sidebar
  • Page Right Sidebar

Furthermore, page meta settings have higher priority than customizer settings. Therefore, your page meta settings will override customizer settings on each page or post.

Update on May 26, 2022