Site Footer

You can manage the footer of your website with these options. It has given the following two positions:

Footer Section

Customize the footer images and the colors.

  • Customize Background: Enable this setting if you want to customize the background of the footer.
  • Background Color: Set the color of the footer background.
  • Background Image: Upload an image to show in the footer background.
  • Background Repeat: Select the option to repeat the background image across the footer.
  • Background Position: Set the position of the footer background image.
  • Background Size: Set the size of the background.
  • Background Attachment: Set the background attachment to be scrollable or fixed.

Copyright Section

Manage the content and appearance of your website’s copyright bar here. Following the options are given:


  • Add Content: Define the content of the copyright section.
  • Background Color: Choose the background color of the copyright section.
  • Content Color: Choose the content color of the copyright section.
  • Link Color: Choose the link color of the background.
  • Link Hover Color: Choose the link hover color of the background.


Update on November 17, 2023