Top Bar

These settings are helpful in managing the top bar of the website. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Top Bar, To access these settings.

You can access these settings if BuddyX pro Theme is installed and activated on your setup.

Enable the Top Bar

Switch on this toggle to enable the TopBar on your website.

Enable Left Content

Switch on this toggle to manage the left content on the top bar.

Left Content Area

Enter the text you want to display in the left content area of the top bar.

TopBar Background Color

Set the Background color of the top bar.

Top Bar Content Color

Set the Content color of the top bar.

Top Bar Link Color

Set the link color of the top bar.

Top Bar Link Hover

Set the Link color of the topbar on hover.

Social Links

Set the social links to display on the top Bar. Some default Social links are given here. You can remove those previously added social links and add a new one.

Add Social Link

Click the Add button to display a new social link on the top bar. It has the following options:

  • Title: Set the title of the link.
  • Icon: Set the icon for the Social link.
  • Link: Enter the link here.


Update on September 29, 2023