Import Templates

Wbcom essentials allow importing section and page templates.

So! for creating the page or section, follow the following steps:-

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Pages > Add a new page; nowhere will you need to set the page title and template (element or full width).

  • After setting this, click on edit with elementor to insert the templates to your page.
  • Here you will find the Wbcom Designs logo; now, just click on this logo to open the Template files.

  • Here you find the sections and pages. In sections, it includes contact, about, features, header, footer, faq, focus boxes, etc. You can set any section as per your requirement.

On pages, it includes BuddyPress, construction, fashion store, cosmetic store, jewelry store, digital agency, etc.
Example: If you are building your BuddyPress Community. Then you will just need to click on the BuddyPress (left menu) and insert any template to your page and then click on the publish button.
On this page, You can also insert the header and footer or any section according to your choice.

Note: If you are using the BuddyPress or Woocommerce plugins, then you can insert Buddypress templates or Woocommerce Fashion Store templates also.

Update on May 25, 2022