If you want to publish courses online or create your own learning management system (LMS) easily, BuddyX Pro is the best theme for you. For Learndash based learning management system, you’ll have to activate the following plugins:

  • Learndash
  • Learndash Course Grid

Course Archive Page Filters

BuddyX Pro provides two different filters for the course archive page. These filters help you to search the courses easily.

You can find these settings by navigating to the Appearance >> Customize >> Learndash.

  • Categories Filter: This filter helps to search the courses based on selected categories.
  • Instructor Filter: This filter helps to search the courses based on selected Instructors.

Custom Course Features

By default, the single course page displays the default features of the course, such as Lesson Count, Topic Count, Quizzes Count, etc. BuddyX Pro helps to add custom course features. These features will show on the single course page.

Navigate to the Course list and edit the particular course, In which you want to add the custom features. Switch to the Settings tab and scroll down to the  Custom Course Features. You’ll find the following options:

  • Enable: Check this option to enable custom course features.
  • Icon: Select the icons from the dropdown that will define the feature.
  • Feature: Give a name to the feature.

Single Course Page Layout

BuddyX Pro theme provides an attractive pre-built Udemy Like single course Layout.


Update on May 26, 2022