Left Panel

These settings are responsible for the Left Panel adjustments.

Access the settings Through Navigate to the Appearance > Customizer> Header > Left Panel.

You’ll find the below options here:

Left Panel – Global Settings

This configuration applies universally across all pages. To display the left panel on a specific page, edit that particular page individually.

Left Panel – position

Position the left panel between the left and right sides of the page.

Left Panel – Toggle

Enable or disable the toggle feature of the left panel using this option

Left Panel – Default State

Set whether you want the left panel to be opened by default or closed.

Left Panel – Shift Body

If this setting is enabled, the left panel menu is either opened or closed,  body content of the site will adjust or shift accordingly.


Left Panel – Icon Front Size

This setting lets you set the font size of the let panel items.

Left Panel – Icon Height/Width

This option lets you set the Height and width of the left-panel icons.

Left Panel – Icon Border Radius

This option allows you to set the left panel icon border-radius.

Left panel – Menu Typography

The option allows you to define and customize the typography (font style, size, and other text-related attributes)


Update on January 2, 2024