header Icons

If you have selected Default Theme Header then You can find this option by navigating to :
Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Desktop Header >> Layout.


Following are the customization options are available under this setting :


Allows you to select header layout for the header on your site.

Main Menu Hover Style

This feature allows you to choose the hover style for the main menu in the desktop view. There are six different styles available, giving you the option to customize the visual appearance of the main menu when a user hovers over it.

Header Icons Options

This setting enables the display of various icons in the header of your website. You can choose from a selection of icons, including those for the cart, friend requests, messages, search, notifications, user menu, login, and register, customizing the header to include the specific icons that suit your preferences or website functionality.

Enable ‘More’ menus wrap in header menu.

This feature allows you to control the visibility of the “More” menu option in the header menu. Enabling it would display a “More” menu for additional items if the header menu becomes too crowded, while disabling it would prevent the “More” menu from appearing, potentially showing all menu items directly in the header.

Update on November 20, 2023