Override the conversation section template

To override the conversation section template, you can follow the steps provided:

1.Create a folder named “edd-sell-services” within your child theme: This means you should have a WordPress child theme set up. If you’re not familiar with child themes, they are a way to make modifications to a theme without altering the original theme files. In this case, you should create a subfolder within your child theme directory called “edd-sell-services.”

For example, if your child theme is named “my-child-theme,” the folder structure should look like this:


2. Create a new file named “edd-sell-service-conversation.php”:  Inside the “edd-sell-services” folder you created, you should now create a new PHP file with the exact name “edd-sell-service-conversation.php.” This file is where you’ll place the custom code or template modifications for the conversation section.

For example, your file structure should be:


After following these steps and making your desired customizations in the “edd-sell-service-conversation.php” file, your changes should be applied to the conversation section of your theme, overriding the default template. This allows you to have control over the appearance and functionality of that specific section while maintaining the rest of the parent theme intact.

Update on October 23, 2023