EDD Sell Services Introduction

EDD Sell Services allows the vendor and site owner to sell his services online.
Selling services means customers are paying so that you will do something for them after transactions are completed. Phone consultations, video editing, software installation, and direct support are all examples of services, even if they end in the distribution of a digital file.
Many Easy Digital Downloads users sell WordPress plugins and themes and choose to offer installation services. While the sale of a plugin or theme is instant and does not require the store owner to be involved in most cases, installation services require that special attention is given to the customer.

This plugin satisfied the vendors need of selling services online by providing a product type ‘Service’ apart from the default EDD product.

As you are selling services, You need to know the requirements from the customer in order to fulfill his desires. Ex: you are building a website for a client you need to know following things:

  • Purpose of the website like if you are introducing an e-commerce website or a learning management system, an informational site or just a blogging site etc.
  • Information about the page design and layout.
  • Information about the color scheme.
  • Information about the site images.
  • Information about the content
  • Etc.

These all things can be done easily with EDD SELL SERVICES plugin as it provides a dedicated and interactive requirement section.As we know that Communication is the key to success and you can attract more and more customers if you have a smooth connection with your customers.

Keeping this requirement in mind, This plugin also provides a chat feature to eliminate the lack of conversation between customers and vendors. Now they easily can send a text with this chat feature. A dedicated conversation also triggers for every single message on both ends.

Full authority to accept or reject final delivery is a Plus feature that is under customer’s control,Whether he wants to accept the delivery or not.Customer can neglect to accept the final delivery if he is not satisfied.

Once the final delivery is made both customer and vendor can rate each other.

Update on May 25, 2022