Features of WP Stories

Social Stories offer a more personal way to interact with your audience. It also allows brands, influencers, and community users to communicate without interrupting their main feed or timeline. It is perfect if you need to get information out quickly to your audience.

WP Stories plugin provides the same stories feature for WordPress. It has so many features that you may need for your website. This plugin also integrates with the BuddyPress, PeepSo, and BB Platform.

Plugin has the following features

  • Allows you to show the stories with different styles.
  • Allws you to place the seen stories at the last.
  • Site admin can create different story boxes that canbe used on any page via a shortcode.
  • Allows you to set the story timer for single and public stories.
  • Stories will be hide after the defined days
  • Limit the users to update a specific number of stories only
  • Limit the users to update a specific number of items in a story.
  • Provides different shortcodes to display the single and public stories.
  • Users can create the stories from wordpress admin panel as well.
  • Allows you to manage the look and feel oof stories through various styling options
  • Render style can also be managed. Three different styles are given for that.
  • .Limit users to publish the stories until the admin approve them.
  • Allows you to display the existing strories published by users in their story publishing form.
  • Users can also upload videos in their stories.
  • Plugin works perfectly with the RTL websites
Update on July 22, 2022