User Publishing

These options are given for the frontend story publishing form.

Display Existing Single Stories

When enabled, this option shows the user’s previously created single stories within the story publishing form, providing a reference or option to delete existing stories.

Display Existing Cover Stories

Enabling this option displays stories that the user has created, specifically those with cover images, within the story publishing form. It enhances visibility and management of stories with cover images.

Story Published Status

This setting allows administrators to define the status of user-updated stories. The available statuses include “Draft,” “Pending Review,” “Private,” and “Published,” providing flexibility in managing the publication workflow.. Three types of status are given:

  • Draft
  • Pending Review
  • Private
  • Published

User Story Limit

This feature sets a limit on the number of stories a user can create. Users are restricted from exceeding this defined limit, controlling the quantity of stories created by an individual.

Story Item Limit (Per Story)

Limit the number of items per story.

Select User roles

Only selected user roles will be allowed to post the stories.

Update on November 14, 2023