Site Header

You can accees the settings by navigateing to the:

Appearance > Customizer > Site Header.

This screnn will have the following options.

Enable Sticky Header?

This indicates whether the website’s header (the top section of the webpage containing the logo, navigation menu, etc.) should have a “sticky” behavior. A sticky header remains fixed at the top of the page as the user scrolls down, providing constant access to essential navigation elements.

Enable Search Icon

This suggests that the option to display a search icon within the website’s header is turned on. The search icon typically provides users with a quick way to initiate a search for content on the website.

Enable Cart Icon

This implies that the option to display a shopping cart icon in the website’s header is activated. The cart icon is often associated with e-commerce websites and indicates the number of items in the user’s shopping cart.

Enable Login Link

This signifies that the option to include a login link in the header is active. The login link allows users to access their accounts or log in if they are registered users of the website.

Enable Register Link

This indicates that the option to include a register link in the header is turned on. The register link typically directs users to a registration page, allowing them to create a new account on the website.

Update on November 17, 2023