The plugin complements BuddyPress for community moderation. It provides a flag / unflag button to community members for flagging content such as activity updates, activity comments, private messages, members or groups so that they can help site admin in finding inappropriate content.
Site admins can already edit or delete every content in a BuddyPress community, but analyzing every content posted by members could be troublesome work in big communities. This plugin uses crowdsourcing to help site admins find contents to moderate.
The plugin provides a flag / unflag button to flag inappropriate user-generated content such as activity updates, activity comments, private messages, members, or groups on the site, so site members can easily flag inappropriate content. Admins can see all the reported contents in an organized table in the WordPress back-end, and filter them according to the content type. Site admin put content under moderation or spam content.
The plugin provides general and individual options to show/hide reported content to only reporters or all site members.
The plugin provides an automatic moderation limit setting under each flag-able component when a number of reporters for a flagged content reaches greater than or equal to the automatic moderation limit, the flagged content automatically gets hidden for members according to the hide mode setting. The plugin provides an option to lock accounts of flagged members. When the admin locks a member account a custom BuddyPress mail is sent to the member that their account is locked by the site admin and a list of reporters who had flagged the member account.



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Update on July 20, 2022