Moderate Content From BP Profile

This plugin provides a Community Moderator role. Users with this role will get a Moderation tab on their BuddyPress profile, From where they can view and moderate the content of the BuddyPress profile.

This tab provides the below information:

  • Reporter Name: Shows the name of the reporter.
  • Item:  Shows the reported Item name.
  • Component: Shows the reported content such as member, group, activity, comment, etc.
  • Activity Link: Using this link, community moderators redirect to the component that is being reported.
  • Author: Shows the author of the component.
  • Content Status: This column shows the status of the component. It can be awaiting moderation.
  • Report Count: This column shows the count of the flags/report.

Two types of actions are available:

  • Edit
  • Mark as clean

On editing the component, Users will get the following options:

  • Suspend Members
  • Hide Member from Member Directory
  • Disable Community Permission
  • Mark as clean
Update on July 20, 2022