BuddyPress Moderation solution with advanced features to give you complete control over your community and keep it secure with automatic moderation and limitations, and more. Features of BuddyPress Moderation:
  • You can choose which BuddyPress component you want members can report and enable it.
  • Options to enable auto-moderation for Activities, Activity comments & BuddyPress Private messages.
  • You can set limits individually for each component after 5 reports activity will be removed from the activity stream After 10 reports group will be removed from the group directory.
  • We have provided the choice of words for each activity type. You can simply choose words like Ban, Flag, or Report for individual components.
  • The sitez admin has a choice to remove access from blocked members to post any status update.
  • Site admin has a choice to remove access from blocked members to send private messages
  • Site admin has a choice to hide blocked members from the members’ directory page.
  • Site admin can temporarily deactivate member accounts
  • Select Hide Mode either for reporters or for all members. The selected restrictions will be applicable depending on the “hide mode” selected.
  • Set Account lock message to show blocked users on the WordPress login screen.
  • Ability to report for member avatar.
  • Group photo moderation.
  • Attractive UI for reported contents.
  • Tabs for each type of reported content.
  • Allow user roles to select who can report/moderate.
  • Report type options for better reporting of content.
  • Front end popup to add the possible reason for reports.
Update on July 20, 2022