WB Poll Settings ( v4.3.0+ )

These settings are responsible for managing the options related to WB Polls.

You can access the settings by navigating to WB Plugins > BuddyPress Polls >  WB Polls settings.

You’ll get the following options on this page:


Poll Page Mapping

This setting allows you to map both the “Create Poll” page and the “Poll Dashboard” page.

Who can create a Poll?

Choose the user roles that are permitted to create polls.

Allow users to create poll options

This option will allow the users to create new poll options in an existing poll while voting. (Valid only for Text Poll type)

Status of submitted poll

This setting will allow you to set the status of the submitted poll. By default, it is set to Published, which means created polls will be live right at the moment. You can select the status between Published, pending, and draft.

Show/Hide Poll Results.

Enable this option to show or hide the poll results after voting.

Enable Poll comment

Please choose this option to activate the comment feature for the polls.

Who can Vote

This setting allows you to select the user roles who can vote on polls. Only these selected roles will be allowed to vote on polls.

Set Color Scheme

Choose the color for the progress bar and submit button.

Update on June 10, 2024