Frontend Poll Creation ( v4.3.0+ )

Foll creation from front end is a new feature of BuddyPress Polls! Allowing community members to create polls directly from the front end can enhance user engagement and interaction within the community.

It introduces a “Create Poll” page, enabling users to easily generate their own polls.

This page something looks like this:

Add Title

Enter the title of the poll.

Add Description

You can describe the poll using this field.

Poll Types

BuddyPress Poll plugin allows you to create different types of polls. These types are given below:

  • Text Answer
  • Image Answer
  • Video Answer
  • Audio Answer
  • HTML Answer

Start Date

Enter the start date of the poll.

End Date

Enter the expiration date of the poll here.

Never Expire

Select the option “yes”, If you want this poll to be never expired.

Enable MultiChoice

Opt for the “Yes” choice if you desire users to have the ability to select multiple options.

Update on August 8, 2023