Global Settings

To find the BuddyPress Polls Settings, Navigate to WB plugins >> BuddyPress Polls, to access its settings.

General Settings

Multi-Select Polls

Enable multi-select polls to allow users to cast more than one vote in each poll. If this option is disabled, users can only cast vote for only one option in each poll.

Hide Results

If this option is enabled, results will be hidden from the users who have not voted yet. If disabled, the voting result will be visible to users who have not voted yet.

Poll Closing Date & Time

If enabled, users can set poll closing date & time. If disabled, users can vote anytime, polls will always remain open for voting.

Enable Image Attachment

Enable this option if you want to allow users to attach images with poll activity.

Poll Options Limit

Feature to include the restrictions for the site users to add a specific number of options in the poll activity.\

Enable Poll Result

Feature to show the poll results in percentage.

Enable Revoting

If this setting is enabled, all the site users can vote more than once.

Show Voters List

Show the list of voters for the poll.

Max Voter Numbers

Select the maximum numbers of voters you want to display.

Submit Button Background Color

Manage the background color according to your theme.

Enable After Poll Message

Set a message for the voters right after the voting.

Limited poll activities

Select the limit by user role or member type to publish poll type activities.

Update on April 20, 2022