Post Sticky

Sitewide Pins by Admins

Administrators can pin posts sitewide, making them visible to every visitor, regardless of their login status. This feature supports multiple pins, ensuring critical information stays at the top of the activity feed.

Group-Level Pins

Group administrators can now highlight essential announcements by pinning posts within group feeds. These pins are accessible to all members who can view the group’s activity page, ensuring vital information is never missed.

Personal Pins from User Profiles

Users can pin posts directly from their profiles, making them visible to anyone accessing the user’s feed. This feature extends to both logged-in and logged-out visitors, enhancing personal expression and visibility within the community.

Role-Specific Pinning Permissions

With our added filter, you can now define which roles have the authority to pin posts at the sitewide activity feed. This ensures a controlled environment where only designated roles can highlight content, maintaining the integrity of your community’s communication.

Update on February 21, 2024