Features Highlights


  • Support both reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3
  • WP-Login reCaptcha
  • WP-Register reCaptcha
  • WP-Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Custom label for reCaptcha
  • Recaptcha On Comment Form
  • Buddypress registration Recaptcha
  • Custom error messages for invalid captcha
  • Recaptcha dark/light theme
  • Captcha normal/compact mode
  • Captcha language selection for V2.
  • Disable submit button until captcha checked
  • Disable reCaptcha for IP/Range
  • woo-commerce login reCaptcha
  • woocommerce registration reCaptcha
  • woo-commerce Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Guest checkout reCaptcha
  • Login user checkout reCaptcha
  • captcha for payment request buttons
  • WooCommerce pay for order captcha

1 thought on “Features Highlights

  1. Hi There
    As you activate the spam protection on BP registration, could we deactivated the email confirmation and also auto-activate the account ?
    Best Regards

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Update on May 24, 2022