Feature Highlights of LMS Notes

Adding and Saving Notes

Users can add and save notes for any course, lesson, topic, quiz, or question.

Display notes on LD Profile

Admins can display users’ notes on their Learndash profiles.

LearnDash Dashboard Integration

Supports LearnDash Dashboard Plugin, allowing the display of notes on a student’s dashboard.

All Notes Page

Site administrators can see all the notes that are created on his website and the instructor or course author can see  all the notes from the enrolled students in the instructor’s courses.

Individual Notes page

A dedicated notes page is available for students, allowing them to view, edit, and delete their previously created notes within this section.

Search and Filters

The search and filtering functionalities enable users to search and filter notes on both pages based on students and courses.

Notes Download feature

Feature to download the notes in bulk for both the instructor and student.

Visibility of Students’ Notes

Students’ notes are visible to their respective instructors and admin.

Instructor Feedback

Instructors can add their feedback through the comments to the notes prepared by the students.

Notes Positioning

Custom settings for the position of notes, allowing placement on the left or right.

Custom Positioning

Feature to set a custom position for notes.

View Options

Feature to set the notes view as a popup, sticky, or in-between.

Animation Control

Feature to enable/disable the animation of the notes icon.

Customization of Notes Icon

Feature to upload a custom notes icon.

Color Scheme Customization

  • Notes Icon Background Color.
  • Modal Header Background Color.
  • Modal Button Background Color.
  • Modal Content Background Color.

LMS Support

LMS notes to support the  below LMS:

  • Learndash
  • Lifter LMS
  • Sensei LMS
  • Tutor LMS
Update on December 29, 2023