How to Create a new Add?

After the Plugin installation, You will have a new CPT called WB Ads.

Navigate to WB Ads >> Add new WB Ads, and create your first Add.

On this page, you will have a number of settings to create and manage your advertising.












WB Ads Type:

The first setting is given to Choose the ads type between Plain text, Tich Content, and image Ad.

    • Plain Text and code: Any ad network, Amazon, customized AdSense codes, shortcodes, and code like JavaScript, HTML, or PHP.
    • Rich Content: The full content editor from WordPress with all features like shortcodes, image upload or styling, but also simple text/HTML mode for scripts and code.
    • Image Ad: Ads in various image formats.

Ads Parameter:

    • Allow PHP: Execute PHP code (wrapped in <?php ?>)


    • Position:Check this setting if you want to position your ad at a specific point. (adds a clearfix)
    • Margin: This setting adds the margin around the advertisement.
    • Container ID: Specify the id of the ad.
    • Container Classes: Specify the container classes here.

Display Conditions:

  • Activity Type:A page with this ad on it must match all of the following conditions. If you want to display the ad everywhere, don’t do anything here. Following are the activity types are available:
    • Sitewide Activity
    • Member Activity
    • Group Activity
  • Activity Positions: Select the position to display the advertisement. Available positions are:
    • Before Activity Entry
    • After Activity Country
    • Activity Entry Content
    • before activity entry comment
    • After Activity entry comment
  • Position
  • Display Position

To Whom:

  • Logged-in Visitor: Visitor conditions limit the number of users who can see your ad. There is no need to set visitor conditions if you want all users to see the ad.
  • Device: This setting limits the devices to display the ad.

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Update on May 23, 2022