How to install child theme

Download the Reign Child theme

Before making changes to the theme code, we recommend that you install a child theme. This ensures that your changes won’t be lost when updating to a new version of Reign.

Not sure how child themes work or why you should use one? We have a blog post in our archives that might help clarify things!

  • Download and install the theme
  • Start by downloading the Reign child theme.
  • Navigate to Appearance → Themes and click ADD NEW.
  • Click BROWSE and choose the file you just downloaded, then click INSTALL NOW.
  • Once it is installed, click ACTIVATE.

WordPress considers a child theme to be an entirely separate theme from the parent with regard to theme options. If you have configured options for the parent theme in the Customizer before installing the child theme, these options will not carry over to the child. You can either configure the options again for the child theme or try to migrate the theme options.

Update on May 25, 2019