Global Course Settings

For global course settings that will be applied to every course on the site navigate to

Dashboard >> LearnDash LMS >> Course >> Settings.
You will find the following options:

1) Global Course Management and Display Settings – Control settings for course creation and visual organization.

Course Builder – Manage all Lesson, Topic, and Quiz associations within the Course Builder. This option allows you to enable/disable course builder. We recommend keeping it enabled if you want to reuse steps across multiple courses.
If a course builder is enabled you will get the following two options:
Steps Displayed – This allows you to set a number of items that will display before pagination.
Shared Course Steps – Share steps (lessons, topics, quizzes) across multiple courses. Progress is maintained on a per-course basis.
Note: Enabling this option will also enable the nested permalinks setting.

Course Table Pagination – Customize the pagination options for all courses content tables and courses navigation widgets.

Note: Individual course display settings will override this setting. Also, by default, it will use LearnDash general settings if this option will be disabled.

Lesson and Topic Order – Customize the display order of lessons and topics.

Sort By – This allows you to sort by menu order, date and title.

Order Direction – You will get a drop-down to select from either ascending or descending.

2) Course Taxonomies – Control which taxonomies can be used to better organize your LearnDash course.


LearnDash course taxonomy settings

You will find the following options here:

Course Categories – Manage Course Categories via the Actions dropdown.

Course Tags – Manage Course Tags via the Actions dropdown.

WP Post Categories – Manage WP Categories via the Actions dropdown.

WP Post Tags – Manage WP Tags via the Actions dropdown.

3) Course Custom Post Type Options – Control the LearnDash course custom post type options.

LearnDash settings for the course custom post type

Course Search – Includes the course post type in front end search results

Archive Page – Enables the front-end archive page where all courses are listed. You must re-save your permalinks for the change to take effect.

If you enable this option you will get the following option

RSS/Atom Feed – Enables an RSS feed for all course posts.

Editor Supported Settings – Enables WordPress-supported settings within the editor and theme. You will get the following options to choose:
Featured Image
Custom Fields

Update on June 4, 2019