Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this plugin require BuddyPress?
  • Yes, It needs you to have BuddyPress installed and activated.
2. Does this plugin filter multiple keywords?
  • Yes, multiple keywords can be set to filter with the setting [Keywords to remove] provided under the general tab.
3. How do I specify a character other than defined characters to replace out keywords?
  • This can be achieved with the help of filters provided in the plugin. To replace keywords with a custom character for eg. @ write below code in your functions.php file of active theme or wherever you want.
             add_filter( ‘wbbprof_word_rendering_symbols’, ‘custom_wbbprof_word_rendering_symbols’, 10, 1 );
             function custom_wbbprof_word_rendering_symbols($rendering_symbols) {
             $rendering_symbols[‘at_the_rate’] = ‘[ @] At the rate’;
             return $rendering_symbols;
             add_filter(‘wbbprof_custom_character’, ‘custom_wbbprof_custom_character’, 10, 1);
             function custom_wbbprof_custom_character($symbol) {
             $symbol = ‘@’;
             return $symbol;
4. Does this change the content in BuddyPress database?
  • No, the plugin filters the content to display on the screen, BuddyPress database is unaffected by plugin changes.
5. How is Case Matching setting useful?
  • The [Case Matching] setting provides two option Case Sensitive and Case Insensitive. Case Sensitive filters keywords with strict case matching and are not recommended while Case Insensitive setting capture more words while filtering. We recommend users to use Case Insensitive matching.
6. How is Strict Filtering setting useful?
  • The [Strict Filtering] with strict mode on does not filter embedded keywords. We recommend users to use Strict Filtering ON mode.
Update on November 27, 2018