What is Shortcode of BuddyPress Member Reviews plugin?

The shortcode of BuddyPress Member Reviews plugin displat form is [add_profile_review_form]

If you used this shortcode on the page then it show Add review form.

BuddyPress member review form


You can select the member from the select box and rate Buddy Press user based on the rating criteria. You can also enable rating anonymously.

Shortcode to List Members by rating is [bupr_display_top_members]

This shortcode will display Top rated/reviewed members.

title: Using this parameter, you can add a title before top rated/reviewed members listing. For example: [bupr_display_top_members title=’Top Rated Member Listing’]

total_member: This parameter lets you limit the number of reviews on the Top Rated/Reviewed Members listing page. For example: [bupr_display_top_members total_member=4]

type: Using this parameter you can display members according to ‘top reviewed’ or ‘top rated’. For example: [bupr_display_top_members type=’top reviewed’]

avatar: This parameter gives you flexibility to ‘show’ or ‘hide’ member avatar in the listing. For example: [bupr_display_top_members avatar=’hide’]


BuddyPress member review works with BuddyPress fork BuddyBoss platform checkout video tutorial here. BuddyBoss Member Review


Update on December 29, 2020