Why Use Woo Sell Services

Selling services over the internet is equivalent to selling things. You can set up an online store for your services or even use your website as a virtual business card to showcase the services you provide.

If you are looking to offer SEO Advised, website designing, Plugin development, Content Writing, Logo Making, or even configuration services, Woo Sell Services makes it easy to sell all these services online. In addition, it allows growing your business easily by reaching thousands of customers each and every day.

Woo Sell Services allows sellers to sell services to their customers/users. This plugin will add the ability to WooCommerce to sell services just like a product is sold.
Woo Sell Services creates a new product type called “Services.” This plugin allows the vendor to sell services and adds a conversation section between Shop Vendors and Customers so that the Customer can give all the requirements of service.
It also provides a feature of product review where customers can give their reviews and ratings for the purchased services.

Update on May 26, 2022