Backend Settings provided by the plugin.

As soon as the plugin will be activated, you can see a new section of Price Quotes under WB Plugins menu. You’ll find the detailed process below.

  • Go to Dashboard > WB Plugins  >Price Quote

  • A setting page will appear to manage all the available settings.



  • General


        • Quote Mode


              • All Products: Select all product at once by selecting this option to insert in quote mode 
              • Selected products: Select particular products from the dropdown.
        • Hide Product Price

Check this if you want to hide product price from the end-user.

        • Quote Products according to user roles

Customize the Quote mode according to user roles. This option means quote mode of the product will only work for selected user roles.

        • Add To Quote action after click Quote Request Page

Choose one of the functionalities to be worked on front-end.

        • Quote Request Page 

Map the ‘Request Quote’ page from the dropdown.

        • Quoted Products page

Map the ‘Quoted Products’ page from the dropdown.

        • Add to quote button label

Customize ‘Add to quote’ button label.

        • Remove from quote label

Customize ‘Remove from Quote’ button label.

        • Browse quoted product list label

Customize ‘View List’ button label.

Update on May 25, 2022