Woo Pincode Checker Feature Highlights

Plugin Features:

  1. Allows you to check whether delivery is available or not in the given Pincode.
  2. Feature to show/hide delivery date for the available pin codes
  3. Allows you to set the delivery date format.
  4. Feature to calculate the shipping amount and COD amount on checkout and cart pages.
  5. feature to fetch zip code in Woo Pincode Checker form automatically if  WC billing & shipping zip code exists in My Account page address settings.
  6. feature to display city & state on front-end
  7. feature to hide the “Add to cart” button on the shop and single product page.
  8. Allows you to select the Pincode button color and button text color.
  9. Allows you to set delivery date text color.
  10. Allows you to manually upload a list of pin codes which includes Pincode, city, state, delivery within days, and Cash on delivery.
  11. Allows you to add the list of Pincode from CSV files.
  12. Customers can check the pin codes for shipping on the product page.
  13. Allows you to enable/disable the cash-on-delivery option for the selected products.
  14. Allow you to add, edit, and delete Pincodes.
  15. Feature to exclude a specific category to hide the shipping
  16. Feature to change the label of Buttons and texts.


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Update on May 25, 2022