Can I add the custom links?

Yes, this plugin also allows you to add the links on the “My Account” page. From the plugin’s endpoint settings, you can add custom links. Click on the “Add Link”   button and create the link. Now click on the link dropdown to open the link and add the link URL. Now click on the save button to save the link. You can also change the link label, link icon, link class, restricting user role, and enabling the option for opening the link in a new tab.

Settings available for this custom Link:

  • Link Url: Insert the link URL.
  • Link Label: Insert link label.
  • Link Icon: Insert link icon for the “My Account” menu option.
  • Link Class: Add additional classes to the link container.
  • User Roles: Select user roles from the dropdown and Restrict link visibility to the selected user role(s).
  • Open link in a new tab: Check this given checkbox if you want to open this link in a new tab.


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Update on May 25, 2022