Explain the settings provided by the plugin.

Once the plugin is activated on your profile, A new tab will be available in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Navigate to WB Plugins >> BuddyPress Profile Views >> General Settings.

You will see the following options here:

View Count Method

This setting provides two different methods to save the views count. You can choose any of them.

    • By Session: In this method,  if a user logs in and visits your profile then the profile view count will increase by one and if the user stays logged in and visit the profile again the count will not increase
    • By Referer: In this, if a user logs in and visits your profile page the count will increase, and if the visitor goes to some other page and then again visits profile then again the count increases, but the count will not increase if the user just refreshes the profile page again and again.

Choose chart style

Members get a tab that displays a chart and also a widget that can be placed anywhere to get the profile visits chart. Two types of charts are available to display the data.

    • Line Chart
    • Bar Chart

Recents Visitors Per Page

Set the number of visitors to display on a user’s BuddyPress profile.



Show recent visitors in the member’s directory.

This setting will allow you to show the recent visitors on the logged-in member’s directory. It shows a new tab Recent visitors on  Member Directory, That will show the recent visitors listing.

This setting will allow the users o view the recent visitors in their member profile header. This data can be seen by all the community members. Users will see the recent visitors on their profiles.

This setting will allow you to display the recent visitors listing in the member header meta(Right below  the user’s displayed name.) (Note: This setting will work only if the Show recent visitors in the member header option is enabled.)

How many visitors are to display in the header?

This setting will allow you to control the number of users display on the member header.

Visitor avatar size in the header

This setting will allow you to control the size of the user avatar displayed on the member header.

This setting will allow the site members to display or hide the recent visitor listing on their profile header. If a member has disabled the visibility of the visitors listing on his profile his visit to another user profile will also be hidden.

A user can manage this setting by navigating to User Profile > Settings > Recent Visits.

Visitors Notification

Send notifications to users when someone views their profile, providing a sense of real-time engagement. If this setting is enabled, Users will get a notification when somebody visits their profile.

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Update on November 24, 2023