Reign Dokan Settings

Reign Dokan provides some additional settings to work with.

Navigate to:

Dashboard >> Reign Settings >> Dokan

  • Mark Products as Favorite:

This feature allows users to mark products as their favorites or wish-list items. Essentially, it provides a way for users to save products they are interested in without immediately purchasing them. This can be helpful for users to keep track of products they want to revisit later.

  • Favorite Products Listed on Users’ BuddyPress Profiles:

With this feature, when a user marks a product as a favorite, it is recorded on their BuddyPress profile. This serves as a social element where others can see the products a user has favorite, potentially leading to product recommendations and social interactions based on shared interests.

  • Display Store Tab on Vendor’s BuddyPress Profile:

This feature involves adding a tab or section on a vendor’s BuddyPress profile that displays information about their store. It allows users or visitors to access the vendor’s store directly from their social profile, making it convenient for them to explore products or services the vendor offers.

  • Create Product Activity – Enable Terms and Conditions for Vendor Stores:

This feature pertains to ensuring that vendors on your platform must agree to certain terms and conditions before they can set up their stores and list products. Enabling terms and conditions helps in establishing guidelines, policies, or legal agreements that vendors need to adhere to when using your platform.

  • Add Review Activity – Generates BuddyPress Activity on Product Review:

This feature involves creating BuddyPress activity entries whenever users leave reviews for products on your platform. This helps in promoting user engagement and social interaction as others can see and interact with these reviews on BuddyPress. It also serves as a way for users to share their opinions and feedback about products.

  • Order Activity

whenever a user on a website or makes a purchase of a product, a corresponding activity is automatically created and displayed within the BuddyPress activity feed or timeline.




Update on October 3, 2023