Back-end options configuration settings

Navigate to PeepSo > Configuration > Multivendor.
PeepSo Multivendor Tab settings
Here you can enable or disable selected Dokan tabs from PeepSo member single page.
Dokan Tabs Display
Checked tabs will be displayed on the member’s profile page. Following are the available tabs:
  • Dashboard
  • My Products
  • Favorite Products
  • Commission
  • Reports
  • Order Received
  • Become a Vendor

Multivendor Activity settings
The activity control feature allows vendors to control their activities. They have the choice to enable or disable their product activities such as product creation activity, my favorite activity, etc.
Product Creation Content
Display Product Creation Activity Setting: If this option is checked product creation activity will be enabled.
Activity Content: From here Site admin can manage the content of the activity.

Update on May 24, 2022