LearnDash General Settings

General settings basically contain LearnDash’s global settings, navigate to:
Dashboard >> LearnDash LMS >> Settings >> General 

You will get the following options:

1) Design and Content Elements – Alter the look and feel of your learning management system.

  • LearnDash theme – Allows you to select template (Legacy or LearnDash 3.0).
    The LearnDash 3.0 template will be selected on new installations.
  • Accent Color – Main color used throughout the theme (buttons, action items, and highlights).
  • Progress Color – Color used for all successful progress-related items (completed items, certificates, and progress bars).
  • Notifications, Warnings, etc. – This color is used when there are warning, important messages.
  • Focus Mode – Provide a distraction-free course experience allowing users to focus on the content. This applies to ALL courses.
  • Login & Registration – When active the LearnDash templates will be used for user login and registration pages.
  • Logo Upload – This logo will appear in the Focus Mode and LearnDash Login form when enabled. Optional.

2) Global Pagination Settings – Specify the default number f items displayed per page for various listing outputs.

  • WP Profile – Controls the pagination for the WordPress Profile LearnDash elements.
  • Shortcodes & Widgets – Controls the global pagination for the LD shortcodes as well as courseinfo widget. These can be overridden individually.
  • Backend Question Widget – Controls the pagination for the Questions admin widget when editing a quiz or question.

3) Admin User Settings – Controls the admin user-experience navigating courses.

  • Course Auto-enrollment – Allow admin users to have access to courses automatically without requiring course enrollment.
  • Bypass Course limits – Allow admin users to access course content in any order bypassing progression and access limitations.
  • Include in Reports – Include admin users in reports, including ProPanel reporting.

4) Rest API Settings – Control and customize the Rest API endpoints.

Enabled REST API – Customize the LearnDash REST API namespace and endpoints. Leave text fields blank to revert to default.

You will have following endpoints:
Course Endpoint Slug -> sfwd-courses
Lesson Endpoint Slug -> sfwd-lessons
Topic Endpoint Slug -> sfwd-topic
Quiz Endpoint Slug -> sfwd-quiz
Question Endpoint Slug -> sfwd-question
User Endpoint Slug -> users
Groups Endpoint Slug -> groups

Update on June 3, 2019