is learndash easy

Working with LearnDash is very easy. It works very similarly to the other functions in WordPress. You create a course, add Lessons, and then Topics for each lesson. For example, the course could be about

How to Be a Real Estate Investor. In that course, you might have multiple lessons like

  • How to Flip Houses,
  • How to But Rental Property,
  • How to Finance Real Estate, etc.

You add the detailed Topics. For example,

  • How to Flip Houses might have things like How to Find Greta Houses to Flip.
  • How to Fund Your Flip House Projects, How to Manage the Rehab.

You get the idea… It’s literally copied and paste for text and you add graphics the same way you would to any page or post in WordPress. Also, you can have quizzes, delay the release of certain content, offer certificates and points for completion, sell your courses, interact with users based on actions they take, set timers for each lesson, set prerequisites for courses, and offer grading and badges.

You can also offer the courses in bundles and even create a marketplace similar to Udemy where people can buy your courses. It integrates natively with many membership plugins including Memberium and also with many email providers and CRMS including Infusionsoft. It’s responsive and even works with SCORMs

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Update on March 17, 2020