How to create a question

You can easily create a question by navigating through
Dashboard >> LearnDash LMS >> Questions.

Enter a question title, description if any and don’t forget to select the associated quiz inside LearnDash question settings widget.

Let’s discuss the type of questions you can add, here we go:

1) Single choice – Only one answer can be selected.

Enter the answers and select option ‘correct’ in front of a correct answer. You can also add a media in your answers.

Single choice options :

1.1) Different points – modus 2 activate – This changes the calculation of the points.

1.2) Disable correct and incorrect – Disables the distinction between correct and incorrect.

If “Different points for each answer” is activated, you can activate a special mode.

2) Multiple choices – Multiple answers are correct.

3) “Free” choice – correct answers (one per line) (answers will be converted to lower case).

4) “Sorting” choice – sort the answers in the right order with the “Move” – Button. The answers will be displayed randomly.

5) “Matrix Sorting” choice – In this mode, Sort Elements must be assigned to their corresponding Criterion. Each Sort Element must be unique, and only one-to-one associations are supported.
Percentage width of criteria table column: Allows adjustment of the left column’s width, and the right column will auto-fill the rest of the available space. Increase this to allow accommodate longer criterion text. Defaults to 20%.

6) Fill in the blank – Enclose the searched words with { } e.g. “I {play} soccer”. Capital and small letters will be ignored. You can specify multiple options for a search word. Enclose the word with [ ] e.g. <span style=”font-style: normal; letter-spacing: 2px;”> “I {[play][love][hate]} soccer” </span>. In this case answers play, love OR hate are correct. If mode “Different points for every answer” is activated, you can assign points with |POINTS. Otherwise, 1 point will be awarded for every answer.

7) Assessment – Here you can create an assessment question. Enclose an assessment with {}. The individual assessments are marked with [].  The number of options in the maximum score.

8) Essay / Open Answer – There are two options for this answer type.  How should the user submit their answer?
Whether it be a text box or student will get an option to upload the essay. This is a question that can be graded and potentially prevent a user from progressing to the next step of the course. The user can only progress if the essay is marked as “Graded” and if the user has enough points to move on. How should the answer to this question be marked and graded upon quiz submission?

You will get a drop-down to select the options:

  • Not graded, no points awarded.
  • Not graded, full points awarded.
  • Graded, full points awarded.

This is all the answer types now let’s discuss the other settings of a quiz:

Message with the correct answer (optional) – This text will be visible if answered correctly. It can be used as an explanation for complex questions. The message “Right” or “Wrong” is always displayed automatically.

You can also set the same message for both correct and incorrect answers.

Message with the incorrect answer (optional) – This text will be visible if answered incorrectly. It can be used as an explanation for complex questions. The message “Right” or “Wrong” is always displayed automatically.

Hint (optional) – Here you can enter solution hint.

Update on November 29, 2018