Backend Options

Learndash WPforo integrates with  the forums so You can access the settings by navigating to

    • Dashboard > Forums > Add New 

When you create a new forum, Here at the end of the Forum page, you can see the ‘LearnDash WPforo Setting tab’ to configure.

      • LearnDash WPforo Setting 
        • Associated Courses

Site admin can associate courses with forums. These courses can be single or multiple.

      • Post Limit Access
        • All: If you select ‘ALL’ then the learner has to be enrolled in all courses before they will be able to access the forum
        • Any: If you select ‘ANY’ then the learner needs to only be enrolled in any one of the associated courses in order to access and participate.
        • Message shown to users without access

Site admin can update a customized message here. This message will be visible to the non-enrolled users at the time of accessing the forum.

      • Forum View

By default, anyone who attempts to access a course forum who doesn’t meet the linked Courses criteria will be presented with an access denied message.

However, you may have some situations where you want to allow non-enrolled learners the ability to still read through the forum content, but without the ability to post.




Update on May 25, 2022