Learndash Dashboard helps to generate revenue by selling courses.

Enable Selling through WooCommerce

This setting allows the course to sell through woocommerce.  Learndash woocommerce Integration should be installed and activated on your setup if you want to use these settings.

If this option is enabled, a new product creates automatically on course creation.

Follow the below steps to use this setting:

  • Create a course from the front end
  • Navigate to the course settings and choose the access mode “Closed.”
  • Once you published the course a new product will be created of the same name in the backend
  • Navigate to WordPress Dashboard >> Product, and you’ll see the newly generated product
  • Edit that product and change the product type from simple to “course.”
  • Save the changes
  • Now users could be able to buy that course using woocommerce product

You can check the product button URL will automatically be fetched in the frontend course.

Sharing Percentage

Set the sharing percentage of revenue between admin and instructor.

Show Statement Page

Set the number of statements per page.

Update on May 25, 2022