Create course from playlist

This feature allows you to create courses from the playlist using the front-end form.You can use a YouTube Playlist, a Vimeo Showcase or a Wistia Project URL to create a LearnDash course in a few minutes.

Note: You have to make sure that the license of the Learndash is activated in order to use this feature

Navigate to MyDashboard Page >> Courses, and click Create From Video Playlist button.

Once the button is clicked, you will be redirected to a new screen where you need to enter the URL of the video Playlist, After that click, the button Load the Playlist Data. As soon as the button is clicked, a course setting screen will be opened from where you can manage the following options:

Course Access Setting

Access mode is how you determine the way in which someone can gain access to a course (completely free, free with registration required, one-time payment, recurring subscription, etc.). LearnDash has 5-course access modes to choose from.

  • Open

The following rules apply to Open courses:

        • Free & open to anyone visiting your site
        • No registration, login or payment is required for access
        • Must be registered/logged in to track course progress
  • Free

    The following rules apply to Free courses:

    • Must be registered/logged in to access
    • No payment is required
    • The “Take this Course” button is shown to users not yet enrolled. They are sent through the registration process. If you’re using LearnDash’s customized login & registration, the button will say “Login to Enroll.”

    The Free access mode is a good choice if you want an administrator to manually enroll students into the course.

  • Buy Now

    The following rules apply to Buy Now courses:

    • Must be registered/logged in to access
    • Requires a one-time fee to be paid (no free access)
    • Only works with the following payment methods: PayPalStripe & 2Checkout
  • Closed

    The following rules apply to Closed courses:

    • Must be registered/logged in to access
    • Allows you to sell your course via an ecommerce or membership add-on
    • Enables a custom Button URL field, which sends users to a custom sales or checkout page (a button is only shown if you enter a URL)
    • Manually enroll users into the course, or add them via group enrollment

User Interaction

These options are responsible to manage the content interaction setting.

  • Linear form

Requires the user to progress through the course in the designated step sequence.

  • Free Form

Allows the user to move freely through the course without following the designated step sequence.

Once The privacy options are all set, You will be redirected to the screen from where the course builder can be accessed to manage the further course settings.

Update on August 3, 2022