Global Course Settings

This tab allows you to manage the further settings of the course.

Course Material:

Insert the course material Here.

Course Certificate:

Select the course certificate. Course certificate can be created by navigating to WordPress dashboard >> Learndash >> Certificate >> Add New Certificate.

Custom Pagination:

Set the pagination here.

Access Mode:

Choose the course access mode from the dropdown.

Course Prerequisites:

Manage the course prerequisite-related settings.

Course Points :

Fill in the course points.

Course Access Expiration:

Set the access expiration of this course.

Course Progression

Course progression pertains to the manner in which a user can navigate within your course, with two primary choices available:

  • Linear ( Requires the user to progress through the Course in the designated step sequence )
  • Free form ( Allows the user to move freely through the Course without following the designated step sequence )

Share Course

You can give another person access to collaborate on and contribute to the content and management of the course. This is done by adding them as a co-author, allowing them to make changes and updates to the course alongside you. It’s a way to work together on course development and administration.

Course Layouts

This option will let you choose your course layout in between the below options:

  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • Default

Note: This Feature is basically a part of Reign Learndash addon, This feature will be visible to you if you have installed and activated Reign Learndash Addon.


Update on October 17, 2023