Translating BuddyX with WPML Plugin

WPML is a premium WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the basic CMS by enabling multilingual capabilities. When combined with the BuddyX theme, WPML ensures a smooth multilingual experience. To use WPML with BuddyX, you need to purchase it from the official WPML site at

WPML Required Plugins

These plugins are essential for creating a complete multilingual site and facilitate convenient translation:

1. WPML Multilingual CMS: Core plugin to make WordPress multilingual, adding basic translation controls.

2. WPML String Translation: Translate interface strings within WordPress without using .mo files, covering static texts and user-generated content like taglines and SEO data.

3. WPML Media: Translate images and control which images display for each language using the WordPress Gallery.

Translation Modes

During the configuration process, the setup wizard allows you to choose between two modes:

1. Translate Everything Automatically: Translates your entire site automatically.

2. Translate What You Choose: Gives you control over what, when, and how you translate the site content.

Translating Your Pages

WPML allows the translation of all content types, including pages and posts. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the WPML Getting Started Guide.

Translation Management Dashboard

From the Translation Management Dashboard, it is now possible to send posts, pages, and custom post types for automatic translation in bulk. Users who select the Translate What You Choose mode can simply go to the Translation Management Dashboard and select if they want to translate multiple posts and pages automatically. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need to open each post or page in the Advanced Translation Editor. Users can still choose to translate manually or with the help of a translator/professional translation service.

Translating Pages Built with Elementor Page Builder

The BuddyX theme includes the Elementor Page Builder plugin. For detailed steps on translating content built with Elementor, visit the WPML documentation page.

Translating Texts from BuddyX Theme, Plugins, and Other Sources

Texts can originate from themes, plugins, and other areas beyond posts and pages. To learn how to translate these strings, read the WPML documentation on translating strings.

Translating BuddyX’s Menus

WPML simplifies the synchronization of menus across languages. For detailed instructions, refer to the documentation on translating menus.

Update on June 4, 2024