BuddyPress Plugin Features

Much more than just connectivity. A fully featured community, with lots of options to dig from members, groups and activity.

Here I am talking about the most powerful WordPress plugin BuddyPress.
Following are the list of features BuddyPress includes, we will discuss in brief:
1) Profile – One can create and update his profile and as an admin, you can also extend profile by creating new xProfile fields and fields Group.
2) Friend Connections – One can send and receive friend requests.
3) Groups – One can create and join groups, can become an admin of the group and also send invites. BuddyPress also provides a dedicated page for group listing.
4) Activity – One can keep track of activities happening throughout the site. BuddyPress provides separate places for different activities they are as follow:
Sitewide activity stream.
Member activity stream.
Group activity stream.
5) Members – A separate member listing page. An easy way to find and send a request to known or favourites.
6) Messages – Public and private messaging features with inbox, compose, sent and starred messaging options.
7) Notifications – Helps you to keep an eye on important updates.
8) Dynamic member links – Member specific pages.
9) Emails – You can now easily edit the BuddyPress email content.
10) Forums – Fully integrated with a bbPress plugin to give an option of forum discussions.

Update on July 6, 2018